Double Glazed Windows Bournemouth 

Double Glazed Windows Bournemouth

Do you want to replace your home’s windows? Have you just moved into a house with single glazed windows and want to replace them with double glazed windows, Bournemouth residents? If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place as Wimborne Windows can assist you with any of your needs. We provide a wide choice of double glazed in Bournemouth.  

At Wimborne Windows, we have years of experience and a boast of knowledge in the industry. During those years, we’ve grown from strength to strength. We are delighted to report that we continue to provide the same level of personalised service while keeping incredibly high standards. 

To get started on your double glazed windows, Bournemouth customers, give us a call on 01202 099817, and a friendly member of our team will gladly assist you. If you have any questions, you can send them our way by emailing us at  

The Best Double-Glazed Windows in Bournemouth

Homeowners don’t replace windows very often, which is why Wimborne Windows is here to guarantee that your window addition is a long-term investment. From start to finish, our team of experts can design and produce a range of double glazed windows in Bournemouth that are ready for installation. All of our windows are fully customised and can be tailored to your exact requirements. 

Our whole team consists of professionals and experts who are all dedicated to providing excellent service and total client satisfaction. Regardless of the size or scope of your project, we can manage it and deliver the highest quality craftsmanship and results. You can rest assured that our Bournemouth double glazed windows installers will guarantee that your new windows are installed the first time correctly.  

You most probably won’t be able to find another company that can deliver the same level of outstanding service that we provide at Wimborne Windows. As a family-owned business, we can ensure you that our team of specialists will provide you with great customer service. For all of your Bournemouth double glazed window needs, Wimborne Windows is the place to go. 

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    Benefits of Double Glazed Windows  

    Double-glazed windows have two layers of glass panels with a gap between them. Glass used in double-glazed windows is normally 3-10 mm thick, with heavier glasses utilised for particular purposes. The central area is filled with inert gas and then vacuum-sealed. This results in a number of benefits, including:  

    • Better Insulation  
    • Reduced Energy Bills  
    • Less Condensation 
    • Noise Reduction  
    • Increased Security 
    • Aesthetics 
    • And Many More!  

    One of the main benefits of double glazed windows is that they provide better insulation. Because double-glazed windows offer a greater barrier, heat transmission from your home to the chilly outside air is reduced. As a result, your home will be more able to retain the heat generated by the sun during the day. 

    Reduced energy bills are another advantage of double glazing. This is due to the improved insulation, which allows for less heat to be trapped within the home during the summer and more heat to be trapped inside the house during the winter. This means you no longer need to use ACs, coolers, or heaters to keep your home warm or cold, hence lower power bills.  

    In addition to that, double glazed windows offer less condensation. They limit the amount of moisture on your window panes by preventing condensation from forming due to the airtight seal. Other windows frequently enable condensation to build up, resulting in mould growth on the window glass. 

    Moreover, there is less noise and a calmer house when there are more units. Double glazed windows are essential if you live near busy roads or in a typically loud environment. Similarly, the windows keep any noise from within your home inside. This restricts your discussions within the confines of your home. You may also easily listen to music without bothering your neighbours. More units also mean that your house is safer. Double glazed windows, Bournemouth customers, are more difficult to break and have a tighter seal than conventional windows. 

    Finally, double glazing is an excellent approach to improve your home’s curb appeal. You can be guaranteed a stunning look if you hire experienced and certified experts to install your double glazing, such as ours at Wimborne Windows.  

    Our Window Range to Choose From  

    Here at Wimborne Windows, we provide an extensive range of windows, in addition to double glazed windows. So, If you’re having difficulties picking which sort of window to install, let us assist you. We offer a large selection of windows to choose from, including:  

    • Composite Windows  
    • Bay Windows  
    • Box Sash Windows  
    • UPVC Windows  
    • Sliding Windows  

    Double glazing is a crucial feature of any product selection in Bournemouth, regardless of which one you choose. You can feel confident that our staff will only provide you with the finest quality items and customer service. Call us immediately on 01202 099817 to learn more about any of our windows.  

    Composite Windows  

    Another type of windows we can provide you with here at Wimborne Windows is composite windows. They function precisely like wood windows, but they’re built of modern vinyl with aluminium coating for easy maintenance and durability. Composite windows use cutting-edge technology to make them stronger, more lasting, and less costly than other window solutions. 

    Composite windows coated with aluminium frames are a form of highly efficient frame that is commonly used in passive homes. There is a free area between the composite and the metal, and the air in this space is an excellent insulator. The weather resilience of composite window frames covered with metal is a benefit. There is no risk of rotting or impact damage, as there would be wood frames built in an unsuitable environment.  

    Bay Windows  

    Here at Wimborne Windows, we also provide bay windows. For many homeowners, bay windows are a popular choice. These are angled spaces created by groups of three or more windows that stretch out from your home’s outside wall. Bay windows may be made with a variety of window styles. They provide several advantages, regardless of the type of panes used. 

    Bay windows are a great investment as they can provide extra space in your house. This is due to the fact that the window extends away from the house. Moreover, bay windows provide more light into your home than a regular casement window since they have many angles. And most importantly, they feature a timeless and beautiful style that works well in both modern and traditional settings.  

    Box Sash Windows  

    In addition, we provide box sash windows, which are more conventional type windows that differ mostly in how they open. They use weighted pulleys that allow the window to be opened with a rope tug. They were created to let in more light while reducing draughts. When used in combination with contemporary double glazing, the impact is amplified, helping to reduce heating bills, as well as UV damage, increased security, and even noise pollution from the outside. 

    Box sash windows frequently have a wood frame, making them particularly ecologically friendly. This is due to the fact that creating and transporting these windows uses less energy. Furthermore, because lumber can be easily recovered or reused, a box sash window can be created entirely of recyclable materials. 

    UPVC Windows  

    Although wood, steel, and aluminium are some of the most frequent window materials, there is a far superior option to utilise nowadays: UPVC! Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) is a non-plasticised form of polyvinyl chloride. UPVC windows are highly recommended for installing double glazed windows.  

    UPVC windows come in a wide variety of colours and frame styles. As a result, you’ll have a lot of alternatives to pick from. All of these widow profiles’ designs may be customised to ensure that the end product suits your decor and blends in with your home’s motif. If you’re thinking about replacing your old window frames, UPVC windows can be a good choice. To assist you in getting a realistic look, UPVC frames are available in white, natural wood grain-like finish, and grey finish. 

    Wimborne Windows Recycle

    As a ‘green’ company, we only supply A+ Energy Efficient products. Plus, your old doors, windows and frames will not be sent to the tip; our dedicated team recycle!

    Sliding Windows  

    Finally, you can also come to Wimborne Windows for our sliding windows. Sliding windows, unlike standard single- or double-hung windows, open horizontally rather than vertically. Sliding windows, often known as sliders, may be a better solution for your house or business, depending on your lighting and ventilation needs.  

    Sliding windows are one of the most user-friendly window designs. They’re usually built such that one side opens to let fresh air in while the other remains closed. However, certain specialist types open from both sides. Moreover, sliding windows have fewer moving components, which is wonderful for energy efficiency, but it also means they require less maintenance than other types of windows. You may expect sliders to last for many years if they are installed correctly. 

    Why Choose Us for Double Glazed Windows?  

    Welcome to Wimborne Windows, a company that has been producing and installing high-quality windows, doors, and other services for over 35 years. We’ve only grown stronger over time, developing and expanding our offerings to accommodate more customers. We can now help both commercial and residential clients.  

    Our staff will make it happen regardless of the architecture or construction of your property. With our double glazed windows, Bournemouth customers, you will undoubtedly get your money’s worth, as we provide security, energy efficiency, and a stunning look for your house. In our high-quality double-glazed windows, we use stronger materials and locks for increased protection. 

    As a company, we are pleased to be accredited by FENSA and Truedor, among others. Such accreditations should explain why we should be your first choice for double glazed windows in Bournemouth. Such endorsements illustrate our high-quality service, adherence to industry standards, and the favourable feedback we’ve gotten from our clients. 

    We treat our customers like family, ensuring that they receive excellent service while receiving precisely what they require. All of our products may be customised to meet your needs, allowing you to design the home of your dreams. With our customised products, we ensure that all of your window, door and conservatory needs are met. We are dedicated to making your home remodelling a stress-free and unforgettable experience. 


    Many of our clients not only come back to us for future projects but also enthusiastically suggest us to others who are searching for professional double glazing. Don’t just take our word for it, though; on our website, you’ll find a number of testimonials from happy customers. These should be enough to convince you to contact us to design your new double glazed windows in Bournemouth.  

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    Have you decided to replace the windows in your home or business and are looking for the best double glazed windows in the area? If so, then look no further than Wimborne Windows in Bournemouth for high-quality windows at very reasonable pricing. 

    If the exterior of your home is looking a bit outdated, updating your windows is a terrific way to refresh it, and that’s precisely what we do at Wimborne Windows. Our design professionals would be pleased to walk you through all of the various options and styles, so all you have to do is get in contact with us right away.  

    To get started, you can give us a call on 01202 099817 and speak directly with a member of our team. They will gladly assist you with all your needs. Alternatively, you can send any queries you have by email to or fill out our online contact form.  

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