Rosewood Windows Bournemouth

Rosewood Windows Bournemouth

Are you looking to switch out your old windows, replacing them with modern, energy-efficient double glazing windows? Then look no further than Wimborne Windows as we supply magnificent options, like high-quality rosewood double glazing windows. Nothing transforms a property’s aesthetics quite like the addition of stylish, modern uPVC windows.

And nothing boosts the energy-efficiency of a property, slashing energy costs while keeping properties warm and dry, quite like double glazing. Here at Wimborne Windows, we stock, supply, and install the finest rosewood windows in Bournemouth. So, if you consider new double glazing windows to be the next logical step towards transforming your Bournemouth property, give us a call.

Whether for your home or business, we’ll provide you with the best range of options. And with Kandoo finance available, you can spread the cost of your home improvements with the option to buy now and pay later.

To get started, call our Bournemouth team today on 01202 099817 to request a property visit and a FREE, no-obligation quote.

The Best Rosewood Windows Bournemouth

On the subject of home improvements in Bournemouth, there’s one name to keep in mind when it comes to high-quality double glazing – Wimborne Windows. We supply and install the very best double glazing uPVC windows in a range of styles, including our exquisite rosewood options.

We’ve been supplying and installing windows since 1986 and have earned a reputation for exceptional quality at affordable prices.

Nobody would dispute the importance of windows for keeping out the elements and for keeping a property warm and dry. Conversely, in the summer, windows can help keep out warm air, keeping the property nice and cool. But not all windows are made equal, and it’s long been accepted that double glazing is superior to old single-glazed windows.

Even among double glazing options, who supplies and installs your windows is just as important as the windows themselves. Unlike many other companies, we at Wimborne windows only ever supply double glazing windows of the highest quality built from premium-grade materials.

And we hold ourselves to an exceptionally high standard when it comes to all installation work. We never cut corners to get the job done faster or skimp on costs. We follow a tried and proven method for installing rosewood windows that assures you of long-lasting performance.

We offer a wide choice of systems with windows fabricated to your exact specifications. All our windows are loaded with the latest features, making them both secure and energy-efficient. We recognise the importance of security, and so all our windows come with market-leading locks and sport a strengthened design.

We’re so confident in the quality and performance of the windows that we supply and install that we back all our windows with a ten-year guarantee.

And the best part is that investing in rosewood double glazing windows needn’t leave you struggling to drum up the necessary cash. Instead, you can choose one of our excellent finance options provided by Kandoo, including the option to buy now and pay later.

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    Our Rosewood Window Range

    Whatever your individual requirements, whatever style of window you require, you can trust that the team at Wimborne Windows has you covered.

    Our attractive, high-performance and extremely secure windows are sourced from the UK’s leading uPVC window manufacturers. They are built here in the UK to the highest industry standards and combine wonderful aesthetics, energy efficiency, and high security.

    We have several options available, including:

    • Casement Style
    • Bow Style
    • Bay Style
    • Sliding Sash Style
    • Tilt & Turn

    That means that you can choose windows to fit openings of different shapes and sizes. All our windows are tried and tested to withstand the test of time. They sport dual weather seals for maximum thermal efficiency, a multi-chamber frame construction, a full 65mm frame depth to house chamber, and steel reinforcement to BBA standards.

    Customers can also choose between fully featured and fully chamfered profiles along with a comprehensive range of finishes and glazing options. We offer a superb choice of styles to suit the period of your home, an energy-efficient design to retain heat and conserve energy, and high-security multi-point locks for peace of mind.

    And, of course, an attractive range of profile colours, including the aforementioned rosewood windows.

    Rosewood windows, Bournemouth customers, are brown in colour, but what makes them truly striking are the red hues that lend the windows a feeling of warmth. Rosewood windows are often favoured in place of white uPVC windows for their sophisticated appearance.

    Plus, the darker colour benefits certain period property styles that are more suited to the natural appearance that you’d normally get with wooden windows.

    And what about the benefits? What are the advantages of coming to Wimborne Windows for double glazed windows in Bournemouth? These benefits include:

    • Better Insulation and Noise Reduction
    • Increased Security
    • Reduced Energy Bills
    • Reduced Condensation
    • Increased Property Value

    Other Services we Offer

    Besides supplying and installing the finest quality rosewood double glazed windows in Bournemouth, customers can also come to Wimborne doors for other services, including:

    And if you’re embarking on a full home improvement project, you may wish to combine some or all these services. For full details, speak to a member of our Bournemouth team. Or, to learn more about these services, keep reading.


    As with our double glazed windows, we at Wimborne Windows also supply and install a wide range of doors. We have a variety of options available, including different styles and finishes. So, you can choose the right set of doors to match the period of your property.

    We carry doors built by respected brands, including Truedor and Door-Stop International. These doors are built to a high standard and incorporate the most premium-grade materials for a long-lasting design. The doors that you choose will be customised to your exact specifications, and our team will work closely with you from the outset.

    Composite doors are a great choice for customers that want a single or double set of doors that look magnificent and are incredibly durable. As the name implies, these doors are built using a combination of materials. These materials are compressed and glued together in high-pressure conditions, lending them impressive strength.

    We also stock bi-folding doors that are an excellent choice for patio entrances. These doors are built with an aluminium frame that makes them incredibly lightweight. An aluminium frame can be much slimmer than a steel frame without sacrificing strength. Because of this, our bi-folding doors can accommodate much larger glass panes.

    Bi-folding doors open by folding up to one side of the opening and so don’t protrude outwards or inwards.


    While you’d normally have to decide between sitting outdoors or sitting in your lounge, a conservatory gives you a middle-ground. With a conservatory, you can sit and enjoy the pleasant weather while still being under cover. This is especially useful when the weather outside is not as good as it could be, but you still want to enjoy the garden or get a little fresh air.

    At Wimborne Windows, our Bournemouth team can fit properties with a variety of conservatory types, including:

    • P-Shaped
    • Victorian
    • Edwardian
    • T-Shaped
    • Lean-To
    • Bespoke

    P-shaped conservatories are suitable for large properties as these conservatories can incorporate a second room. That’s because it extends in more than one direction with one section rounded.

    Victorian conservatories are the way to go if your property is from an older period. These are designed to emulate traditional structures and allow the maximum amount of natural light to flood the inside space.

    Edwardian conservatories are a great choice no matter how big or what style your property is. These conservatories are rectangular in shape and sport a classic style.

    T-shaped conservatories are intended for property owners that require additional space and a conservatory that can support two rooms.

    If you live in a bungalow or a property that only requires or can only support a small extension, then a lean-to is the best option. These are smaller conservatories with enough space for a couple of chairs. Some people also choose to place a washing machine or a second fridge in their lean-to.

    If you require a conservatory that doesn’t neatly fall into any of the above style categories, then a bespoke conservatory is the solution. At Wimborne Windows, our Bournemouth team can build bespoke conservatories designed to your specifications to reflect your personal preferences.

    Fascias and Soffits

    Fascias and soffits might seem like they are just there to make a property look good, but they also serve a practical purpose. They are designed to protect the outer wall from the elements, greatly extending the lifespan of certain elements of a property.

    If they are worn or damaged, this can spoil the appearance of the property and can also leave certain elements exposed to the elements.

    The Wimborne Windows team are here to help customers in Bournemouth who are looking to have their fascias and soffits replaced.

    A fascia board shields the roof from moisture and prevents moisture from entering the property’s interior. We supply a range of fascia options with different styles and colours to match the period and aesthetics of your property.

    Soffits are installed below fascias to provide an effective barrier around the property’s roof, further shielding the interior from moisture. Soffits possess ventilation capabilities and are often utilised to control the flow of air to and from the roof’s interior. We supply soffits in styles and colours to match your property’s fascias.

    Guardian Warm Roofs

    Guardian Warm Roofs are specially engineered to provide a high-performance thermal and structural solution with zero risk of condensation over the life of the roof. While conservatories are a popular option for many homeowners, they do share one common problem – they are either too hot or too cold or too noisy. This is all to do with the glass or polycarbonate roofs that conservatories come with as standard.

    The solution is to replace the glass or polycarbonate roof on your conservatory with a stylish Guardian Warm Roof. These tiled roofs help with internal temperature regulation, eliminating the temperature fluctuations all too common with glass and polycarbonate roofs.

    These roofs also help to boost soundproofing, which is especially noticeable when it’s raining outside. If you compare the sound of water against a tiled roof against that of a glass roof, and the difference is like night and day.

    By installing a Guardian Warm Roof, property owners can make full use of their conservatories all year around. And they can make better use, turning it into a home office or gym. Or you can sit and relax in front of the TV without worrying about dealing with the glare from the sun.

    Wimborne Windows Recycle

    As a ‘green’ company, we only supply A+ Energy Efficient products. Plus, your old doors, windows and frames will not be sent to the tip; our dedicated team recycle!

    Why Choose Us for Rosewood Windows Bournemouth

    If you’re looking to upgrade your property with double glazed rosewood windows, look no further than Wimborne Windows. We’re a family-run business founded in 1986 that’s spent the last 36 years amassing an impressive reputation. Many of our customers would happily recommend our double glazed windows to their friends, family, and associates.

    It’s details like that that make us proud of what we do and committed to raising the bar further. We’re continually rotating in new products and working with manufacturers to ensure that we’re supplying the best double glazed windows that Bournemouth has to offer.

    We also adopt a strict approach to quality control, meaning that we never supply any set of windows that fail to meet our high standards. And when installing windows at our customers’ properties, we never consider a job finished until both parties are 100% satisfied. Meanwhile, we endeavour to keep our prices as competitive as possible.

    As a company, we boast a number of accreditations from the likes of FENSA, Yale Security Point, Secured by Design, and SwiftFrame. Such endorsements should serve to demonstrate to customers that we’re the company to call for the best double glazed rosewood windows in Bournemouth.


    We proudly supply and install the best rosewood double glazing windows you’ll find anywhere in Bournemouth. We feel that our service is a cut above the rest. But don’t just take our word for it, though; click on our testimonials page now to read some of the kind words left by our satisfied customers.

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    So, if you’re looking for a company in Bournemouth that supplies and fits the finest rosewood windows, look no further than Wimborne Windows. For the last 36 years, we’ve been the first port of call for both domestic and commercial customers throughout the local area and beyond. Our reputation is a testament to this, with many customers recommending our services to friends and family.

    We’re immensely proud of our ability to supply the best rosewood double glazing windows that look fantastic and will keep your property warm and dry. And as your go-to local traders, we take exceptional pride in our ability to provide you with a full design and installation service.

    And with Wimborne Windows, you’ll never end up paying over the odds with competitively priced services and products available. Would you like to find out more? Then call our team today on 01202 099817.

    Alternatively, you can get in touch by completing our online contact form or emailing us at

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