uPVC Windows Bournemouth

uPVC Windows Bournemouth

Are you looking to invest in a new set of windows for your property? Have you been looking into the benefits of uPVC windows and wish to find an expert team to install them? If so, you have certainly come to the right place, as we at Wimborne Windows are the premier team for the installation of uPVC windows in Bournemouth.

We have years of experience in supplying and installing a range of windows, in various styles and materials. You will be hard-pressed to find a company that matches our quality and affordability. So, to find out more, call us today on 01202 099817.

The Best uPVC Windows Bournemouth

When it comes to investing in a new set of windows, you simply can’t go wrong with uPVC. This is a durable and affordable material used to make stunning window frames. They offer great thermal efficiency and are available in many styles, so there is an option to suit every home. When you choose uPVC windows, you will need to hire an expert team to handle the manufacturing and installation, which is where we come in at Wimborne Windows.

We are the premier team for uPVC windows in Bournemouth. Our team will work with you to design a set of window frames that are entirely bespoke to your property and tastes. Every set of uPVC windows we install are high-quality, durable, and stunning, so you can rest assured knowing you are receiving the best uPVC windows Bournemouth has to offer.

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    What Are uPVC Windows?

    uPVC is one of the materials with which we manufacture window frames. It stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride and is a low-maintenance material used as a substitute for painted wood. uPVC is a more affordable alternative to expensive hardwood and aluminium, but the affordability in no way impacts the quality of the material.

    uPVC is an extremely popular material choice for windows as it boasts incredible durability and strength. Additionally, uPVC is available in many styles, so it boasts stunning aesthetics too. It’s no wonder many homeowners choose to invest in our uPVC windows in Bournemouth.

    Benefits of uPVC Windows

    As with any new windows, you will find that our uPVC windows in Bournemouth boast many benefits. Some of the many benefits you can expect to receive with these windows includes:

    • Customisable
    • Insulation
    • Low-Maintenance
    • Strength and Durability
    • Affordable
    • Fire Retardant

    One of the biggest benefits of uPVC windows, Bournemouth clients, is their strength and durability. The material is extremely tough, so it can hold up against the most adverse weather conditions. Plus, it isn’t affected by rot or corrosion, which timber and aluminium windows can be susceptible to. These windows boast all the benefits of timber and aluminium but with none of the drawbacks.

    Another benefit of our uPVC windows is the customisable options available. Typically, most uPVC windows will come in white, but you will find there are actually many additional colours you can choose from. Plus, you can also choose from a range of window styles, such as sash, box sash, bay, and sliding, and you can even choose to have a woodgrain effect.

    When you invest in new windows and window frames, you will be thinking about the energy efficiency of your choice. Windows can be the single biggest heat loss in a property if you don’t have sufficient insulation, but you won’t need to worry with our uPVC windows, Bournemouth clients. uPVC is a low conductor of heat, meaning it will form a close air system when fitted correctly by our team. This minimises any heat loss, helping to keep your property insulated.

    uPVC is also a low-maintenance material, unlike other natural materials. Windows manufactured from wood will require upkeep on your part, whereas uPVC will last for decades with only a wipe down with soapy water being necessary. In addition to being low-maintenance, which can help to keep costs down, uPVC windows are an affordable material to have installed. The initial cost of your uPVC windows in Bournemouth will be less than traditional timber windows.

    You will also find that uPVC windows are fire retardant too. This is a material that adheres to the fire safety protocol set out by the building regulations. uPVC will keep the primary route in your property open for 30 minutes in the event of a fire, so they are an extremely safe option to have installed.

    Other Available Products

    Here at Wimborne Windows, we want to make sure we can cater to all clients’ requirements when it comes to windows. This is why we provide such a vast range of options. In addition to our uPVC windows, Bournemouth clients can also come to us for:

    • Residence 7 and 9 Collection
    • Anthracite Windows
    • Rosewood Windows
    • Flush Casement Windows
    • A+ Energy Rated Windows
    • And Many More!

    Residence 7 Collection Bournemouth

    The Residence 7 Collection is a collection of windows that boast a sophisticated seven chamber design along with intelligent features. They are designed to replicate the 19th-century FlushSash timber window. These windows are beautifully flush inside and out, and they are available in a range of maintenance-free styles and finishes.

    Residence 9 Collection Bournemouth

    The Residence 9 Collection is a window system that has been designed to authentically replicate 19th-century timber designs. They allow you to replace the windows with an authentic design, so you don’t lose the character appearance of the style, but these are manufactured with a more durable material. Using a modern PVC-U material, these boast traditional timber aesthetics but are available in a range of styles and finishes.

    Anthracite Windows Bournemouth

    Anthracite windows refer to the colour of the uPVC window – Anthracite Grey. It is a neutral colour that blends well with any variety of bricks, so they are the ideal choice for any property. These windows feature dual foiled uPVC, so your windows can be grey on the outside but white on the inside.

    Rosewood Windows Bournemouth

    Rosewood is another colour style of uPVC windows, providing the aesthetics of timber without the drawbacks. By using the Rosewood colour on your white uPVC windows, you can create the timeless look of timber, without the maintenance requirements. Rosewood windows provide a timeless feel, regardless of how new your windows are.

    Flush Casement Windows Bournemouth

    Flush Casement windows are a specific style of window manufactured using uPVC. They are a new and popular style of window design that provides sleek sight lines. When closed, the windows sit flush within the frame, creating a sooth, flat surface on the outside, without any overlap. A flush casement window combines modern design with traditional style.

    Chartwell Green Windows Bournemouth

    Chartwell Green is another colour variation for uPVC windows, Bournemouth clients, and these will give your property a vintage feel. These windows are manufactured using uPVC, so they offer the durability and strength you would expect, with the colour finish being a light green hue. As Chartwell Green refers to the colour, you can choose any style of uPVC window for your property.

    A+ Energy Rated Windows Bournemouth

    An A+ Energy Rated window refers to the double glazing in the window itself, rather than a window frame. The thermal efficiency of any window is verified by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), with A+ being the highest and G the lowest. As such, A+ Energy Rated windows are one of the highest performing windows available on the market when it comes to thermal efficiency.

    These windows will improve the overall thermal efficiency of your property, increasing heat retention and reducing your energy bills. A+ Energy Rated windows can be fit into any window frame.

    Grey Windows Bournemouth

    Grey windows are a popular colour choice when it comes to uPVC windows, as they are a neutral colour. This means they can better blend with any type of brickwork, so they will suit any type of property. Grey windows have a depth and richness to them, which makes it an appealing colour for homeowners. As grey windows refer to the colour of the frame, you can choose any style of uPVC window frame.

    Double Glazed Windows Bournemouth

    Most windows these days are double glazed, as they increase the thermal efficiency of your home. Double glazing will help you retain the heat in your home during the winter months, saving you money on your energy bills. They can also shut out noise from outside, creating a quieter and more relaxing space within your home. We can install double glazed windows in any window frame style.

    Georgian Windows Bournemouth

    Georgian windows are a style of window dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. They are characterised by being a large window made up of six or more smaller panes, which are held together by horizontal and vertical bars.

    While these bars would have been manufactured using timber in the past, we can now manufacture them in uPVC, providing a more durable option. Our uPVC Georgian windows boast the style and feel of traditional Georgian windows, but with modern innovation.

    Sash Windows Bournemouth

    Sash windows were a typical feature of Georgian, Edwardian, and Victorian properties. They don’t open on a hinge, but rather slide (up and down or side to side) on two sashes, which are placed one in front and one behind, set into vertical grooves. These sashes are counterbalanced by lead weights on cords.

    Our sash windows are available in uPVC, which provides a modern and durable option for homeowners. You can benefit from the look and feel of traditional sash windows, but with the benefits of modern innovation.

    Why Come to Wimborne Windows for Your uPVC Windows, Bournemouth?

    When it comes to having new windows and frames installed on your property, you will need to make sure you are working with an expert team. Well, this is exactly what we are at Wimborne Windows – a team of experts in the window industry. First established in 1986, we have been assisting clients with their window requirements for many years now.

    In this time, we have built up a wealth of experience and knowledge, which has enabled us to further improve and expand upon our products and services. When combined with modern innovations, you will find that our team can provide the highest-quality uPVC windows in Bournemouth, completely tailored to your property and requirements.

    We pride ourselves on the quality of our products – we only use the finest materials to ensure longevity with every product. Your uPVC windows, Bournemouth clients, will be stunning, durable, and strong, lasting for years to come. Plus, we are a ‘green’ company dedicated to recycling where we can. So, when you come to us for new windows, we will recycle your old windows if we can.

    As a company, we are accredited by numerous industry bodies, such as FENSA, Yale Security Point, Secured by Design, and more. These accreditations show that we are a team you can trust with your uPVC windows in Bournemouth.

    Wimborne Windows Recycle

    As a ‘green’ company, we only supply A+ Energy Efficient products. Plus, your old doors, windows and frames will not be sent to the tip; our dedicated team recycle!


    While hearing about our products and services can be helpful, we understand that you might wish to hear from some of our previous clients before reaching out to us. This is why we have a dedicated testimonials page on our site, where you can read the many glowing reviews that we have received over the years. We are confident that reading these reviews will convince you that we are the premier team for your uPVC windows in Bournemouth.

    Contact Us Today

    If you are looking to invest in uPVC windows in Bournemouth, you have found the premier team for the job with Wimborne Windows. With our years of experience, wealth of knowledge, and high-quality products, you are sure to receive a first-class service and the perfect set of windows. So, to find out more about our services, you need only get in touch today.

    You can give us a call on 01202 099817 to speak to a member of our team directly and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. Alternatively, fill out our online contact form or send an email to sales@wimbornewindows.co.uk.

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